Crafted in solid steel and finished beautifully in either stainless steel or powdercoat, iOmounts™ was designed with today's minimalist ethos in mind to complement your device rather than distract from it. iOmounts stands and wall mounts look great both in the office and in the home, an elegant and more useful way to interact with your tablet, e-reader, or phone. Using iOmounts products is simple. A razor-thin adapter called the iOadapt™ attaches instantly to your device or device case, and then snaps magnetically to the iOcore™, a plastic/magnetic carrier that can spin and rotate in nearly any direction. Detaching is also a breeze – simply pull in any direction.

Our Patented design is universally compatible with almost any device. With nearly limitless uses, it allows you to use your device as a second monitor, display recipes on your tablet while keeping it above the countertop, watch videos hands free at the perfect angle,  integrate a portable media device cleanly into a home AV system, and much more. The thin and unobtrusive iOadapt gives you complete access to the iOmounts system, allowing you to perfectly mount and display your devices anywhere that you have an iOmounts product. Stay tuned for new products, including a collapsible travel stand, backpack mount, and specially designed iOmounts cases.

iOMounts Summer 2015 Road Show. iOMounts is hitting the raod this summer to bring digital mobility to that masses. Join us for a demo at a location near you.
Next stop: July 9 — Denver, CO
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To be as productive as possible we are constantly trying to improve the efficiency of our workspace and surroundings. This quest to create a simple, clean and clutter-free workspace led us to the creation of iOmounts™

iOmounts™ mission is to provide an aesthetic, functional way to improve the interaction and uses of your digital devices. Design is central to our core. We use the highest quality materials and take into consideration the environment with our product life cycle and partners.