Tested: The most advanced mountain bike ever?*

August 03, 2018

Tested: The most advanced mountain bike ever?*

Review of the Spot Longboard with some cool gear.


As E-bikes are gaining popularity, they are also starting heated debates within the mountain biking, road biking and cyclocross community around the World. Opponents of Electric bicycles argue that making it too easy to ride uphill will overcrowd the trails, however there are also legitimate arguments for E-bikes.

For instance, if you commute and don’t have a shower at work, or if your bike is your shuttle for downhill trails (instead of a pickup truck), etc., it makes sense.

Today we decided to look at a bike that might seem like an ordinary hardtail single-speed mountain bike, however it is packed with the most advanced features and is able to go on any bike trail without any controversy. This Spot Longboard has quickly become one of our favorite bikes.

WARNING: Riding one of these bikes might result in many looks and conversations on the trails so beware of the curiosity of fellow riders, and please be patient and understanding as they might not have seen anything like this before.

Here is a rundown of this incredible ride:

Just press the ON button and you are ready to go! (You don’t actually need to press the button as it is just a stem cap from stemcaps.com)

iPhone 8 Plus on nomad handlebar mountThe first thing that caught our eye was that the bike features a beautiful 5.5” retina display with the most advanced navigation and countless apps for trail and road riding, thanks to the iOmounts Nomad™ , iPhone 8 Plus and MTB Project. The screen is fully adjustable 360 degrees from landscape to portrait mode (and any angle in between), and it gives you real time tracking of your route. It also provides your favorite activity tracker, fitness app and entertainment, all in one sleek package. 

The 5.5" retina display of the iPhone 8 Plus provides easy to use real time navigation on trails and roads.

Nomad handlebar phone mountFor those who prefer other devices, the system works flawlessly with Samsung, Motorola, Google and most other smartphones, giving riders an option to use their preferred platform with their favorite apps.


The features don’t end here though. The bike also offers an IPX7 waterproof sound system via the JBL Clip 2 Bluetooth speaker attached to the iOmounts® Mule™ bottle cage mount. Your favorite music, podcasts or audio books can conveniently be controlled by the multi-function dashboard (the smartphone on the handlebar).


The Mule™ by iOmounts® carries the JBL Clip 2 seamlessly for a great sound experienceThe Mule™ converts a limited function bottle cage mount to an incredibly versatile universal mounting system that allows the rider to carry anything from rain gear, first-aid kit, tools, tubes, a pump, flip-flops, etc. with the help of the Saddle™. The Saddle™ features two high quality flexible tie straps (by Voile) that securely hold just about anything you need to carry on your ride.




"The bike also offers an IPX7 waterproof sound system..." 


the most versatile bottle cage mount

The Saddle™ attached to the Mule™ carries just about anything from bottles of any shape to tools, speakers, shoes, etc. with the 2 included flexible tie straps by Voile. 




Gates carbon belt driveThis incredible machine comes standard with a virtually maintenance-free, fully automatic one speed gear box with Gates Carbon belt drive. When you ride this bike, the only thing you need to do worry about is riding safely and enjoying the trails. No throttle, no shifting, no chain chatter, no cross chaining, and no greasy mess. Just a clean, smooth, quiet, and FUN ride.



Of course, just like with any other bike, you do need to worry about not running into other riders, hikers, wildlife, trees, cactus, and whatever you may encounter on the trail, but the simplicity of the bike will let you focus more on riding and less on dealing with your gear.


"Best of all, these motors will literally last a lifetime."


Finally, the best part! 

single speed motorsThe desired speed of the bike is achieved by the two on-board, zero-emission motors, one on each side. (see illustration). The motors are so advanced that you can control them simply with your thoughts. No switches, no throttle, and no batteries needed. Depending on the rider and the trail, the motors can run for over 100 miles with a single charge. To recharge, simply hydrate, eat well and get proper rest after each ride. Best of all, these motors will literally last a lifetime.

The two motors work seamlessly to provide just the right amount of continuous power.

sock monkey on Ergon saddle


The optional sock monkey does not make the bike faster, however it adds visual appeal and it does scream every time you hit a bump, which is even more pronounced on a hardtail.




* This article merely expresses random thoughts of the author and is not to be taken seriously.


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