Device Skins

Accessorize and decorate your device with custom iOmounts skins! These skins feature unique iOmounts designs and will not leave a permanent adhesive residue on your device. 

The skins also provide a perfect surface on which to mount your iOadapt. Simple apply a skin to your device, and place your iOadapt directly on top in the red circle. This will ensure that your iOadapt is positioned correctly, and protect your device from the permanent iOadapt adhesive. If you ever need to remove or replace your iOadapt, it will be as easy as peeling off the skin.

iOmounts skins come in three sizes: iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5, and a universal 2"x2" sticker. They work for the iOstand, iOmini and iOwall. Order yours today!

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