Living Room

The living room is the most used space in a home and iOmounts offers great solutions to make this space more interactive, more useful and certainly more fun.

The versatile iOstand™ can hold any mobile device for easy viewing and easy reach whether you are controlling your A/V system, streaming movies or just want to be accessible. The iOstandXT™ is the perfect height for your entertainment while you are on your trainer, treadmill or doing yoga, while the nomad™ mounts directly on your bike handle bars or exercise equipment for easy progress tracking with your favorite activity app.


For the professional chefs and kitchen enthusiasts alike, iPads, tablets, portable devices and a cornucopia of culinary apps have made cooking all the more enjoyable and convenient. With a variety of mounting solutions, iOmounts is taking this experience to a whole new level.

The Pivot 6™ (currently unavailable) under-cabinet mount keeps your tablet high off of the counter, away from spills and at a perfect viewing level. The iOstand PT™ paper towel stand (coming soon) is a must have in any busy kitchen, and the versatile iOstand™ is always there so you never miss a call, unless you are two hands deep in bread dough!


Multi-tasking saves valuable time! Why not catch up on the news, emails and social media while getting ready in the morning? iOmounts' innovative products answer the call for sleek, there-when-you-need-it accessibility options.

The iOwall™ can be installed on practically any vertical surface to provide a clean solution for quickly mounting an iPad, tablet or smartphone for easy viewing. For quick, convenient mounting of iPhones and other small devices the iOmini™ is the perfect solution, while for iPads and other tablets nothing works better than the iOstand™.

Home Office

iOmounts provide perfect solutions for keeping your home office tidy and clutter-free, meaning more efficient use of time and more time to do the things you love.

The amazingly functional Pivot 12™ (currently unavailable) direct mount pivoting arm rotates 360º and supports the iPad or other tablet in any position. The compact iOmini™ keeps your phone where you need it, and provides the perfect viewing angle for hands free video calls. The iOstand™ elevates your iPad or other tablet to provide a more comfortable and ergonomic height and viewing angle.


The bedroom is the space for relaxation, winding down and recharging—not precariously balanced or misplaced devices.

What better way to watch a movie or your favorite TV show on your iPad than laying comfortably in your bed, having the amazing screen "floating" in front of you on the new Pivot Plus™ (coming soon!). When it's time to put the phone down, just dock it on the iOmini™ for the night to create a modernistic alarm clock right where you need it.