MULE™ (bike bottle cage mount/universal bicycle mount)



The MULE™ by iOmounts® is a revolutionary new product that converts an existing bike bottle cage mount into a universal bicycle mounting solution utilizing the patented iOmounts® system.

The SADDLE™ paired with two flexible straps that can hold a variety of things including bike bottles of many shapes and sizes, tools, tubes, extra gear, etc. It then snaps onto two incredibly strong magnets of the very low profile MULE™.

What do you carry in your pack for a typical day ride? Some kind of bicycle tool kit maybe a park tool? Crank brothers multi tool? Bladder? Spare tube? Snacks? What if we told you, you could take all of this off your back and onto your frame in a safe and easy way.

Don't weigh yourself down packing all that gear on your back. Use our bicycle tool holder to mount all your gear on your mountain bike, road bike or tourer. Need extra storage for a long ride. Turn your water bottle cage into a storage compartment.

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