In the Classroom

iOmounts™ provides the perfect ergonomic solution for tablets in the classroom that enhances both user comfort and device functionality. As educational institutions move towards a tablet-based learning environment, students need an effective, ergonomic and functional way to interact with their tablets. It’s also imperative that they have a location to place the tablet, whether in use or not. When used at a desk, a tablet should be able to be raised up as a monitor when used with a keyboard, and moved down lower for touch-screen interaction. 

The goal of iOmounts™ is to ensure the versatility and full functionality of tablets in any viewing angle or position. This flexibility to work with the tablet in practically any position, and in both portrait and landscape modes can help improve classroom productivity and engagement.

iOmounts™ actively partners with technologically advanced schools seeking to set a trend in their educational environment. We are happy to work with educational institutions to design a product to fit their needs, including (but not limited to) a customized base that is bolted to the desktop or clamped to a study area. 

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