What type of devices can be used with iOmounts™?
Any smartphone, tablet, e-reader or other approved device with a solid state drive or flash memory. Older iPods and other devices with a conventional hard drive should NOT be used as the magnet could damage these devices!

What are approved devices?
For the smaller iOcore™ (iOmini™ and iOauto™) the list includes: Any and all smartphones and small tablets (7" or less) with SSD or Flash Memory, such as the New iPhone 6 and 6 Plus as well all older iPhone models, the iPad Mini., Android phones, the Nexus 7, OpenMoko, Blackberry, etc. For the larger iOcore (iOstand™) the list includes: Apple iPad (all models), Apple Newton, Barnes and Noble Nook (all models), Amazon Kindle (all models), Samsung Galaxy Tab, HP Slate 500, Blackberry Playbook, Dell Streak, The JooJoo, Cisco Cius, ASUS, Eee Pad, Toshiba Folio 100

Will the magnet damage my device?
NO. Any smartphone, tablet, e-reader or other approved device with a solid state drive or flash memory will not be damaged by the magnet. Older iPods and other devices with conventional hard drives should NOT be used with the iOmounts system as the magnet could damage these devices!

Will the iOadapt damage my device?
No! Attaching the iOadapt to your device will not damage it in any way. The iOadapt is not magnetic (all of the magnets are in the red "core"), so you do not have to worry about carrying around a magnet with your device. However, the iOadapt does use a high strength adhesive that may leave a residue on your device if removed. For this reason, we have found it best to apply the iOadapt to an iOmounts skin or your device case. The iOmounts skins use an adhesive that does not leave a residue and can be peeled off of your device. If you need to remove or change your iOadapt, it is as easy as peeling off the skin. Plus, the iOmounts skins look pretty cool!

How do I attach my device to iOmounts?
To attach your device, simply peel off the backing from the iOadapt (2 included with every iOstand, iOmini, and iOwall), and apply to the back of the case of your device. Do not use on soft suede, leather or silicon type cases. Only apply it to a smooth hard surface. Please note that iOadapt comes with a high strength adhesive so we recommend applying it to an iOmounts skin or case rather than the device itself as it is very difficult to remove once applied. Make sure you center the iOadapt when attaching to a device.

How thick is the iOadapt? (The adapter you apply to the back of your case or device)
The iOadapt is less then 1mm thick (.04 inches).

Do I need to worry about my device falling off of the iOmounts?
We have done extensive testing with iOmounts and found it very safe to use with even the larger tablets. Of course, as usual, use common sense. If you mount it on the hood of your Jeep and go off-roading in Moab, your iPad will probably fall off, however, under "normal" everyday use it will stay on there nicely.

Should I get the iOstand or iOmini?
The iOstand was designed for larger devices such as tablets, e-readers, and the iOmini was designed as a compact stand for smaller devices such as smartphones, iPods, and other smaller devices. Most small tablets like the iPad Mini, Nexus 7 and e-readers like the Amazon Kindle are easily supported by the iOmini.

Do you accept returns?
iOmounts accepts returns of unused & undamaged products in original retail packaging within 30 days of purchase. Purchaser will pay return shipping and a 20% restocking fee for all returns. Please include the order number and full name with the return. We will issue a refund once the product is received, inspected and suitable for resale. Please ship all returns to:

760 Industrial Drive, unit L&K
Cary IL 60013

Thank you!


All iOmounts products are under a 1 year repair or replacement warranty against all manufacturing defects in material and workmanship. This warranty does not apply in case of abuse, misuse, negligence, carelessness, modification, or if the product is not used in any way other than in intended.