OEM Inquiry

The iOmounts™ system is incredibly versatile and adaptable to countless applications. The products on this page are intended as samples for manufacturers interested in working with iOmounts™ on an OEM basis. If you would like a certain color (black, white or stainless steel) for your OEM samples, please specific in the "Order Note" form at checkout.

iOstand™: An elegant magnetic stand for iPads, e-readers and other tablet devices. The design allows for instant mounting of your device and rotation in practically any direction. 

iOmini™: A stylish, refined magnetic stand designed for smartphones and other small handheld devices, the iOmini™ is an smaller version of the iOstand™

iOwall™: A simple wall mount for iPads, tablets, smartphones, artwork and other objects and devices. It installs in a just a few minutes on practically any wall surface.

iOcore™ - A molded plastic/magnetic carrier that joins the iOadapt with the iOmounts steel ball. The iOcore can spin and rotate in nearly any direction with your device around the sphere. The iOcore comes in two sizes: Large (included on our standard iOstand and iOwall products, for tablet-sized devices) and small (included on our standard iOmini product for smartphones and other smaller devices). Available in Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow.

iOadapts™ - Razor-thin (0.20") steel adaptors that instantly adheres to any device, the iOadapt is your connection to the iOmounts system. iOadapts come in two different sizes for your iOstand / iOwall (for tablets and larger devices) and iOmini (for smartphones and smaller devices). 

iOmounts™ OEM Sample Pack: The standard iOmounts OEM sample pack contains:
  • One iOmounts steel ball, around which the iOcore rotates, with standard 3/8 - 24 female threading (2" diameter)
  • Standard 3/8 - 24 mounting hardware with a custom mounting adaptor
  • One large iOcore (for tablets and larger devices)
  • One small iOcore (for smartphones and smaller devices)
  • Two large iOadapts
  • Two small iOadapts

    Please note, these products are for OEM sample purposes ONLY.  Contact Us for pricing and availability.