iOstand XT

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The iOstandXT™ takes the most functional and flexible iPad stand and tablet mount on the market to a whole new level. At 42” tall and with a 6” flex arm at the top for additional adjustability, it provides perfect height and viewing angle as a stand-alone mount. This stand will change how you use your iPad or tablet in front of your trainer, treadmill, or yoga mat. It is the functional and beautiful pedestal for your iPad or other mobile device for your home and office.

Crafted out of beautiful precision-machined steel, and a highest quality flex arm, the iOstandXT™ relies on the simple but versatile iOmounts system that is safe and compatible with most mobile devices. Attach a razor-thin steel iOadapt to your tablet or case (you won’t even notice it’s there), and you’ll instantly be able to magnetically mount your device to the iOmounts core. It rotates in any direction and is device-universal. When you’re ready to go, just give your tablet a tug and you’re off and running. No clips, no hassle, just a simple magnet, infinite rotational adjustment, and a sleek modern design.

The iOstandXT™ works best for full-size tablets like the iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab, but is compatible with any device with a SSD hard-drive (most modern tablets and smartphones). Don’t worry, the magnets won’t damage your tablet, and there are no magnets in the iOadapt disc on your device. iOmounts Skins can protect your tablet from the iOadapt adhesive. Check out our FAQ for more details and common questions.

The iOstandXT™ is available in black or white finishs. It ships with two iOadapts for use with more than one iPad or tablet.

If you are interested in using the iOstandXT™ in your retail store, corporate office or business, we can customize larger orders to fit your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • 1 - iOsphere
  • 1 - 42" Stem Upper 6" of stem are flexible
  • 1 - 16" diameter base
  • 1 - Large iOcore (Attached to iOsphere)
  • 2 - Large iOadapts
  • 1 - 2"x3" Clear iOskin
  • 1 - FAQ &Instructional Manual